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Whether you’re a Small Family Owned Business or a Large Corporate Business with multiple offices, you seriously need to be thinking about your document security, one way to protect your business is to engage with a paper shredding services such as Proshred.
Secure shredding has many benefits, the biggest of which is the protection of yours and your clients’ private information. It's your responsibility to protect and destroy Documents that contain confidential information such as credit card details, financial transactions, business records, personal information, private correspondence, and other sensitive information once they are no longer required, the best way to dispose of these documents is to have them shredded, by having your documents shredded you can be assured that this information never falls into the wrong hands.

Another benefit of using Proshred's document shredding services is that you suddenly have more office and storage space become available, simply by using one of our document bins you are effectively decluttering your office by saying goodbye to piles of old paperwork and you may not know it but you're also helping the environment as after your documents are shredded, we recycle the paper.

Proshred Document Destruction Service offers your business a safe and secure option for the collection and disposal of your sensitive documents, so you can rest assured your confidential information is in safe hands.

Safe Flexible Convenient & Affordable

Paper Shredding
Weekly, Fortnightly, Monthly or just a One-Off document destruction Service.
Paper Shredding
Our secure document bins are available in two convenient sizes: 120L or 240L. You may order as many bins as you need.
Paper Shredding
We also collect and shred archive boxes of documents
Paper Shredding
Our services are affordable, we offer one of the most competitive prices in Sydney.
Paper Shredding
There are no bin rental or administration fees. Our quote reflects the full and final price.
Paper Shredding
No fixed-term contracts, meaning you can cancel at any time.
Paper Shredding
After-hours shredding services are available upon request.
Paper Shredding
We also offer uniform, x-ray and e-waste destruction services.

Here’s a small selection of businesses we provide our services to:
• Law firms
• Conveyancers
• Accountants
• Bookkeepers
• Real Estate Agents
• Schools
• Mortgage Brokers
• Financial Planners
• Travel Agents
• Architects
• Employment Agencies
• Medical Specialists
• Medical Centres
• Dentists
• Doctors
• Property Valuation Consultants
• Child Care Centres & Schools
• Recruitment Agencies
• Printers
• Charities
• Consultants
• Serviced Offices
• Hotels
• Tyre Shops
• And many other businesses who rely on us to protect and destroy their confidential information
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Document Destruction Services