Document Destruction Services

So what happens to all our documents?

We sometimes get the question of what happens to our documents?
So here is a brief explanation of the document shredding process which outlines the procedure.

Initially we drop off a secure document bin for you to fill with confidential documents, once the collection date has arrived we exchange your document bin with an empty document bin, we keep all our bins locked at all times so no paper escapes during collection, your document bin is then loaded into one of our collection vehicles by one of our team, our vehicles are GPS tracked so we can tell where they are at any given time.

Once we have collected our bins we take them to our shredding facility where our bins are unloaded under surveillance and all the documents we have collected and shredded and destroyed to industry standards to ensure none of your confidential information never sees the light of day again.

Once the process is complete we email you a certificate of destruction.

You would be pleased to know that by shredding your documents you are also helping the environment as all the paper we collect is shredded and recycled reducing impact forests and wildlife. It all adds up as some weeks we recycle over a tonne of paper.

Thanks for reading.

Document Destruction Services