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Old Hard Drives, Degauss or Destroy?

Before you dispose of your old laptop or desktop PC, you may be under the impression if you wipe or reformat your hard drive with some basic software that you have securely erased your private information, unfortunately this may not be the case, your hard drive may still hold sensitive information that can be retrieved by data thieves.
A more secure method is known as Degaussing, this process erases data by scrambling the magnetic field on your hard drive into random patterns making your data unreadable, making the data useless and no longer retrievable by data thieves.
Unfortunately, some Hard Drives such as Solid State Drives (SSD) and USB’s cannot be degaussed as these don’t rely on magnetic fields to store your data, the only way to destroy these devices completely is by secure destruction where the hard drives are physically destroyed by an industrial shredder under surveillance.
If you are in the need of hard drive destruction please give us a call.

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