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ProShred’s Road to Success

ProShred’s Road to Success: From Zero to 30 Tonnes of Shredded Documents

We are getting bigger literally!

As we continue to meet our goals of delivering exceptional service and flexible solutions to our clients, our small family-run business is celebrating the many milestones we have achieved ever since we started last 2017. The growth of our company in the document destruction industry has been such an amazing journey.

The Growth of Our Client Base

Every company starts off from scratch. And when we started Proshred in 2017, we certainly started with nothing but our team and our equipment. But from there, we started gaining traction, with business coming from professionals, small businesses and residential customers in Sydney CBD, Western Suburbs and the Blue Mountains.

To ensure the safety of our clients’ documents and information, we went above and beyond the call of duty by providing flexible document shredding services, including the provision of secure document bins. This way, we give our clients the peace of mind that they deserve when it comes to collecting and shredding of documents minimising the risk of an information security breach.

By continuing this process, we have gained more and more satisfied clients, most of whom have been working with us ever since we started. In a span of 24 months, we now have approximately 125 clients under our belts!

Upgrading Our Processes and Equipment

To keep up with our growing clientele’s needs, we have also decided to streamline our processes and improve our equipment. From upgrading our fleet and installing GPS trackers on our vehicles, we have fully embraced the essence of business and information security. We also provide our clients with a Certificate of Destruction as proof that their documents are destroyed properly and for good.

At the same time, we see to it that everyone in our team understands the value of what we do and why every step included in our processes are essential. And as part of our equipment upgrade, we have also switched up to a larger vehicle with a 500kg tailgate lift, making it easier for our team to load up on more documents that are sent for shredding.

Expanding Our Coverage

When we started Proshred in 2017, we initially aimed to provide document destruction services to businesses and professionals in the Sydney CBD area. From there, our reputation grew, reaching more businesses outside towards the Western Suburbs. And now, we have started working with more clients, some of which are in the Blue Mountains area. As we continue to reach new heights in the document destruction industry, we aim to reach out to more businesses and expand our services to more areas.

Shredding and Recycling More!

Shredding documents is what we do best! As we continuously work with more and more businesses, ensuring their safety from security breaches, we have now shredded and recycled approximately 30,000 kilograms (30 tonnes) of paper! More than just shredding documents, we deliver exceptional and flexible services to all of our clients. We see to it that we meet their satisfaction and provide them the optimal information security that they deserve through our document destruction services.

If you want to learn more about how we can help you securely destroy your old papers and confidential documents, contact Proshred today on 0412 863 248. We look forward to providing you with top-notch document shredding services!

Document Destruction Services