Document Destruction Services

Need a good example of why you should shred old documents?

Need a good example of why you should shred old documents? Here it is “Fraud & Identity Theft” are on the rise, costing Australians Billions of dollars every year. It makes sense to shred & destroy the confidential documents you no longer require.

We lock our Offices, Cars & PO Boxes, We monitor our Offices with Security Cameras, and we even install Anti-Virus & Hacking Software on our technology to protect our information. Doesn’t It make sense to apply the same security to our confidential documents?

Simply by one using our Document Security Bins you are keeping prying eyes and grubby fingers away from your confidential documents, and reducing your exposure to Security Breaches.

Identity theft is running rampant, criminals are assuming honest persons identity for fraudulent purposes, creating false identities and committing crime for financial gain, stealing your personal information and using it to withdraw funds from your bank accounts, launder money, open bank accounts, applying for mortgages, money laundering and even using your identity to import drugs.

You can minimise your exposure to identity theft, here are a few tips you can put in place to protect yourself;

Put a decent lock on your letterbox, Get your sensitive mail delivered to a PO Box, Ensure your PC has the most up to date software to protect yourself from viruses and hackers, Don’t download any suspicious emails, Check your credit history regularly, Carry an RFID Blocking card in your purse or wallet, Don’t leave any personal documents in your vehicles, Shred any documents with any personal or financial information, place a document security bin in your office where you can dispose of old or unwanted printed documents.

If you would like to read more how Identity Crime can affect you, please view the links below;





If you would like some documents shredded or would like to rent one of document security bins, Email us at info@proshred.com.au or leave us your inquiries and contact details via our online inquiry form.

What Type of Documents Should I Destroy?

  • Accounts & Business Records – Over 5 Years old (some professions are required to keep records for prolonged periods, check with your industry body or the ATO).
  • Bank Transactions & Financial Statements
  • Client & Staff Information
  • Confidential Documents
  • Medical Records
  • Contracts
  • Payment Information & Credit Card Details
  • Trade Secrets – Supplier Information etc.
  • Tax Papers

Protecting Client & Employee Information, It’s The Law!

In Business we collect a lot of personal information, it is your responsibility to protect that information from falling into the wrong hands. In fact it’s the Law! According to The Australian Privacy Act, 1988 businesses are required to protect all confidential information from unauthorised use, and there are substantial fines for non-compliance or negligence.

If your business collects personal information, you are responsible for the secure destruction of documents containing any personal information.

We’ve got all the peace of mind you need, at a price you can afford.

Document Destruction Services